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Reagan Nevels

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Don’t wait for someone to tell you “it’s your time” or “it’s your turn” to accomplish a dream! Tell yourself!! 

- Reagan Nevels

About Reagan:

Reagan Nevels is a 17-year-old inspiration influencer on a mission to help others discover and access their dreams.  She is a motivational speaker who authored her first book at the age of 12.

Vision Collision: Think. Write. Believe. Achieve offers a simple 4-step process to merge your dreams into a magnificent vision for your life.  Her latest book, Why Wait? Your Time is Now! is an award winning publication that urges teenagers to put their plans to action to make their dreams come true.

No matter your age, both of Reagan’s books will have your mind bursting with new possibilities for your life.

Reagan is a ‘dream big’ kind of girl who speaks at graduations, children’s groups, youth organizations, and conferences throughout the United States.  She is also an entrepreneur, a youth leader, and a Sunday School teacher.  

Award Winner
Why Wait? Your Time Is Now!
Teen: Nonfiction
In The Spotlight

By Simon Golden

Teen author REAGAN B. NEVELS shares her insights and experiences in writing and publishing a motivational book.  Get ready to be impressed by this young woman!  Simon:  I loved reading your book, Why Wait? Your Time Is Now!, Think. Write. Believe. Achieve.  What inspired you to write this book?  Read more...

Teen Author Reagan Nevels on Writing and Publishing a Motivational Book

Praise and Accolades

Reagan B. Nevels writes for today’s teens from the inside—because she is one of them. A young champion, her wisdom and clarity are stunning.  Why Wait? Your Time Is Now! is a declaration and map that young people will thank Reagan for lifelong. No more surrendering the self to the crowd, no more passivity or stressing about the future, she reassures. Reagan unleashes in readers a can-do spirit that today’s teenagers will use to shape their future. This is an invaluable gift to give the young people in your world.  Why Wait? Your Time Is Now!  is a bold undertaking. It is an offering from a young soul that shimmers with insight.

— Susan L.Taylor

Founder and CEO

National CARES Mentoring Movement

Editor-in-Chief Emerita, Essence Magazine

-Reagan Nevels,
Address to the Nation's Children

“I have to have hope, you have to have hope, and we have to have hope. That's why having a symbol of hope such as a yellow ribbon is so important.”

Reagan’s Address
The Nation’s Children

Think • Write • Believe • Achieve • Think 

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