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Reagan Nevels is an inspiration influencer, author, and motivational speaker on a mission to help others discover and access their dreams.


At 12 years old, Reagan became a published author of Vision Collision, a guide to goal execution for dreamers of all ages. The message of her book has led readers to invite Reagan to speak at conferences, graduations, camps, and church events around the country. She’s worked with several youth-serving organizations such as Jack & Jill of America Inc. and has been featured on WYTV-ABC, WNPQ 95.9 “The Light”, Austintown’s Buckeye Review, and more.


Reagan passionately shares her formula for success by urging everyone to think, write, believe and achieve! Her powerful message of “vision” is simple and precise, yet profound. Reagan often says “Don’t use your age as an excuse... you are never too young or too old to reach for dreams and goals that are in your heart.”

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