Are you ready for Vision Collision? This book is sure to help you identify the vision for this season of your life and give powerful principles to ensure that your thoughts and ideas collide together for good.

Let’s take this journey together.

Chapter 1: What is Vision?

Chapter 2: Create Your Vision Board

Chapter 3: Bring it Down

Chapter 4: What is Collision?

Chapter 5: Making the Vision Work

Teenagers… what’s keeping you from greatness? Is it your age, your inexperience, your insecurities, or your past? With the pressures of life as a teenager, it’s easy to feel discouraged and lose sight of your goals and dreams. Don’t lose hope. There is a simple solution, developed for teens by a teen. In Why Wait? Your Time is Now!, author and speaker Reagan Nevels provides shortcuts to develop accountability skills, build self-esteem and confidence to rise above mediocrity.

You’ll discover:

   • The 4-step process to achieve your goals

   • A template to help you stay focused

   • Tips to keep from being overwhelmed

This book is free from “adult-speak” and is perfect for teens who have big dreams.




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