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2021 Finalist

Category: Teen, Nonfiction

Vision Collision (Revised Edition)

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Vision CollisionReagan B. Nevels
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Are you ready for Vision Collision? 


In her first book, authored at 12-years-old, Reagan B. Nevels inspires you to bring forth the vision for your life. She encourages you to create a vision board of your dreams.  As a Sunday school teacher, Reagan shares her Christian faith and her concepts of ‘vision’ and ‘collision’.  She walks you through her four-step process, Think. Write. Believe. Achieve., to help you identify the vision for any season of your life.


You will discover:​

·      what a vision is​

·      how to create a vision board​​

·      how to make visions work

“No matter your age, you are never too young or too old to accomplish your goals.”

Vision Collision will have you bursting with positivity and new possibilities.

Why Wait? Your Time Is Now! (New Release)

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Why Wait? Your Time Is Now!Reagan B. Nevels
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Teenagers... what's keeping you from greatness?  Is it your age, your inexperience, your insecurities, or your past?


With the pressures of life, it is easy to feel discouraged and lose sight of your goals and dreams.  Don't lose hope.  There is a simple solution, developed for teens by a teen.


In Why Wait? Your Time Is Now!, young author and motivational speaker, Reagan B. Nevels, provides shortcuts to develop accountability skills, build self-esteem, and boost confidence to rise above mediocrity.


You will discover:

-       a four-step process to achieve goals

-       a template to help stay focused

-       affirmations to promote positive thinking


This book is free from "adult-speak" and is perfect for teens who have big dreams. 


Benjamin Franklin Awards Finalist

Benjamin Franklin Awards Finalist

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