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Why Wait? Your Time Is Now!


In Why Wait? Your Time Is Now!, 15-year-old author, Reagan B. Nevels, provides shortcuts to develop accountability skills, build self-esteem, and boost confidence in teenagers.



  • a four-step process to achieve goals

  • a template to help focus

  • affirmations to promote positivity


Perfect for teens with big dreams and the adults who inspire them.

2021 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards' Winner

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IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards

Teen Nonfiction

2021 Award Winner

“Often, the secret is buried within us and waiting to be discovered.” ~ Reagan

Reagan B. Nevels is a ‘dream big’ kind of girl who speaks at graduations, children’s groups, youth organizations, and conferences throughout the United States.  She is also an entrepreneur, a youth leader, and a Sunday School teacher. 

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